Parabolic Rundown Screens

Parabolic Rundown Screens / Waste Water Screening Machines cover Parabolic Screens, Rundown Screens and Static Screens

Parabolic Rundown Screens is a general term we use to cover Parabolic Screens, Rundown Screens and Static Screens. Parabolic Rundown Screens are widely used in many processes and effluent conditions for the efficient separation of liquids & solids.

The non-mechanical, low maintenance aspects of Parabolic Rundown Screens relies on a uniform feed over a fabricated distribution weir, a reversible wedge wire sieve bend with a cross-flow presentation to allow effective dewatering and gravity solids discharge. Standard radii at varying widths are available to suit flow rate and slot gap requirements of our Parabolic Rundown Screens.

Parabolic Rundown Screens

Parabolic Rundown Screens are available as standard, with all wetted parts being manufactured from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel.

A mild steel painted or galvanised carcass can be provided for our Parabolic Rundown Screens to accommodate low budgets and client specific applications. Variations to the manufacturing of our Rundown Screens standards can include as-built or retro-fit spray bars with top and front covers incorporating hinged inspection doors (these also cover our Parabolic Screens and Static Screens).

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On-site demonstration facilities are available for Parabolic Rundown Screens and the entire Parabolic Screens, Rundown Screens and Static Screens range, with interchangeable screen elements to determine the ideal separation. Gap Technology Limited also provide structural steel work including platforms, handrailing and access ladders with a bespoke design, commissioning and installation services for our Parabolic Rundown Screens.

Parabolic Rundown Screens / technical information.

Media: Liquids Grey Water, Industrial Effluents, Process Water, Sewage & Storm Water
Media: Solids TSS Reduction, Industrial and Municipal Process Screenings
Screen Types Inlet screens, Parabolic screens and Rundown screens
Materials Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel (304) and Stainless Steel (316)
Features No moving parts
Maximum aperture size (mm) 3
Minimum aperture size 0.25
Figures are based on average throughputs and conditions. For specific applications please contact technical sales
SLOT GAP (mm) PRS 450 PRS 750 PRS 1200 PRS 1500
gpm / ft m3 / hr / m gpm / ft m3 / hr / m gpm / ft m3 / hr / m gpm / ft m3 / hr / m
0.25 6.0 5.50 10.25 9.50 12.0 11.25 15.50 14.20
0.50 11.0 10.0 18.25 16.50 25.0 22.50 31.25 28.5
0.75 23.0 21.0 40.0 36.0 42.0 38.0 52.0 46.0
1.00 32.0 28.0 51.0 48.0 62.0 58.0 77.0 72.0
1.50 47.0 43.0 77.0 71.0 103.0 95.0 130.0 120.0
2.00 62.0 58.0 103.0 95.0 125.0 114.0 157.0 142.0
3.00 78.0 72.0 130.0 120.0 166.0 153.0 206.0 192.0

Static Vibrating Rundown Screens

Vibrating, Static Rundown Screens with a gravitational inflow are used for separation of solid particles from the liquid and used for applications requiring filtration below 0.25mm.

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Vibrating, Static Rundown Screens are easy to operate, and we offer a wide range of solutions in relation to the customers individual requirements, slot size and the screen’s profiled wire. The size of the rundown screen depends on the application and the required capacity, whereas the cleaning will depend on the size of the slot used.

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