Rotary Screens Internal

Rotary Screens Internal (Gaparator IRS) or Internal Rotary Drum Screens for Waste Water Screening applications

Rotary Screens Internal (or IRS / Internal Rotary Drum Screens) operate with an internal wedge wire construction, woven wire or perforated drum.

These Rotary Screens are fully enclosed, mechanically driven screens, with an integrated wash system. They provide confined solids discharge, ideally suited for direct feeds into a compactor / compacting rotary screw system if further handling is required.

Rotary Screens Internal

Our Rotary Screens Internal (IRS) / Waste Water Screening Machine range can be installed as a stand alone system or as part of any treatment plant at the primary stage. Single or multiple Rotary Screen units are supplied for duty standby and duty assist situations.

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Our Internal Rotary Screens range provides numerous configurations and can be tailored to suit bespoke requirements. They are supplied complete, with removable covers and safety switches. Isolator stop/start control panels and incorporated overflow facilities with level sensors.

On-site demonstration facilities are available for our Rotary Screens Internal / Internal Rotary Drum Screens and the entire Gaparator range of water water screening machines, each with Interchangeable screen elements to determine the ideal separation of your materials. Gap Technology Limited also provide structural steel work including platforms, handrailing and access ladders with a bespoke design, commissioning and installation service.

Rotary Screens Internal / technical information

Media: LiquidsGrey Water, Industrial Effluents, Process Water, Sewage & Storm Water
Media: SolidsTSS Reduction, Industrial and Municipal Process Screenings
Screen TypesDrums screens, Inlet screens and Rotating screens
MaterialsStainless Steel, Stainless Steel (304) and Stainless Steel (316)
FeaturesSelf cleaning
Maximum aperture size (mm)6
Minimum aperture size0.25
Figures are based on average throughputs and conditions. For specific applications please contact technical sales
MODELSLOT GAP (mm)Unladen Weights
IRS 625038475492108260350 kgs
IRS 920079110150211324650950 kgs
IRS 1230136255398643104522001300 kgs
Figures are based on average throughputs and conditions. For specific applications please contact technical sales
MODELSLOT GAP (mm)Unladen Weights
IRS 6-60202835425057250 kgs
IRS 6-902536475975100550 kgs
IRS 9-12043618098130170750 kgs
IRS 9-1806895115142190258950 kgs
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