Wedge Wire Products

Our Wedge Wire products offer an efficient and economic solution for the passing of liquids, air and fine particles, providing absolute confidence in the consistent recovery of suspended materials. The non-blinding and self cleaning characteristics of our wedge wire products are governed by the tapered profiled wires and leading edges that break down the surface tension to create high volume throughputs.

Wire Wire Products - Wedge Wire Screens

Wedge Wire Screens

Essential components in many industrial processes, providing efficient filtration and separation solutions Wedge Wire Screens

Wedge Wire Filters, Fitments & Frames

Filters, Fitments & Frames

Designed and manufactured to withstand harsh conditions for reliability & efficiency in their respective functions Wedge Wire Filters, Fitments & Frames

Rotary Drum / Trommel Screens

Rotary Trommel Screens

Material separation based on size and density to help reduce waste and increase the recycling rate Rotary, Drum and Trommel Screens

Wedge Wire DSM / Curved Screens

Curved Screens

Curved panel screens feature a concave design to allow efficient and effective screening processing DSM Curved Screens

Cylindrical Filters & Screens

Cylindrical Filters

Available in different shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on their intended application Cylindrical Filters and Screens

Wedge Wire Products - Filter Tubes, Cartridges & More

Filter Tubes & Cartridges

Small but powerful devices significantly remove impurities & contaminants from various liquids and gases Filtration Tubes & Cartridges

Centrifuge Baskets & Conical Screens

Centrifuge Filters

Devices for industrial filtration that use centrifugal forces to separate solids from liquids Centrifuge Baskets & Conical Screens

Wedge Wire Coanda Screens

Coanda Screens

Coanda Gap is Gap Technology’s range of precision manufactured water treatment coanda screens Coanda Screens

Wedge wire mash tun floor screens

Mash Tun Floor Screens

Wedge Wire Lauter / Mash Tun Floor Screens for superior brewing filtration performance Wedge Wire Mash Tun Floor Screens

Kiln Floor Screens, Germination & Saladin Box Floors

Kiln Floor Screens

Wedge Wire Malt Kiln Floor Screens and Saladin Box Floors for germination and grain drying Kiln Floor Screens

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