Kiln Floor Screens, Germination & Saladin Box Floors

Originally not intended for flooring, the distinctive attributes of wedge wire soon facilitated its adoption for the purpose of kiln floor screens, germination and saldin box floors. Practical experience amassed over many years has conclusively demonstrated the superiority of these stainless steel wedge wire screens over any other type of malt kiln flooring on the market.

Wedge Wire Malt Kiln Floor Screens

Germination & Saldin Box Floors / Screens

Hot Dipped Galvanised Wedge Wire Malting Panel Option

Hot Dipped Galvanised Wedge Wire Malting Panel Option

Hot Dipped Galvanised Wedge Wire Malting Panel Option

Wedge Wire Malt Kiln Floor Screens for germination and grain drying

Grain drying floors and wedge wire malt kiln floors are equipped with a supportive underbed, enhancing their durability. Thanks to their robust load-bearing capacity and secure attachment methods, wedge wire floors maintain an even surface without developing uneven or broken areas over time. Consequently, wedge wire flooring installed more than 30 years ago often remains in excellent condition.

Additionally, wedge wire floors do not become clogged with debris during use. This feature not only eliminates the need for costly repairs but also keeps maintenance expenses low, as extensive cleaning operations are not necessary.

Characteristics of Wedge Wire Malt Kiln Floor Screens

In summary, Malt Kiln Floor Screens are a critical component in the malting industry, enabling efficient, uniform drying of malted grains and playing a direct role in the quality of the final malt product used in brewing and distilling.

Malt Kiln Floor Screens are typically made from durable materials like stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant metals. These materials must withstand high temperatures and the moisture levels involved in kilning.

The screens are designed with a specific structure of slits or wedge wire mesh. This design allows hot air to pass uniformly through the bed of malted grains, facilitating consistent drying. The structure of the screen prevents grains from falling through while allowing air and small particles to pass, which helps maintain a clean and efficient drying process.

The main function of these screens is to support the grain bed and promote effective air circulation. Good air circulation is vital for even drying, which is necessary to produce high-quality malt. The screens also help in controlling the temperature distribution throughout the grain bed.

Durability and Maintenance
Malt Kiln Floor Screens are built to be robust to handle the weight of large amounts of grain and the rigors of the malting process, including exposure to heat and moisture. They are also designed to be easy to clean and maintain, as residue from the grains can build up over time.

Depending on the setup and specific requirements of the malting facility, these screens can be custom-made in various sizes and shapes. Facilities might require different screen configurations based on the volume of production and the specific type of malt being produced.

Wedge Wire Saladin Box Floors

Saladin Box Floors are significant in industrial malting operations, providing an automated, efficient alternative to traditional floor malting. They help maltsters manage large batches of grains more effectively while maintaining control over the germination environment, crucial for achieving desired malt characteristics.

Bespoke Solutions

Wedge Wire Malt Kiln Floors can be constructed to any desired size using our bespoke system design capabilities. These wedge wire panels can be seamlessly connected to extend the flooring area and are carefully sealed to protect the wire ends. If necessary, the panels can also be made to interlock. They are crafted to ensure durability and effectiveness.

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