Vibrating Screening Machines

Vibrating Screening Machines

Continuous de-watering vibrating screening machine operations driven by twin or multiple vibrating motors


Offering horizontal, inclined and bespoke models, vibrating screening machines are tailored to suit a specific application and foot-print required. Ideally suited for the following…

  • Chemicals & Fertilizers Industry.
  • Recycling Industry.
  • Animal Feed Industry.
  • Foodstuff & Handling.
  • Smelting & Foundry Industry.
  • Mining & Quarrying Industry.

Wedge Wire profiles and technical data.

Features & Benefits

Used for de-watering and designed for continuous operation and are driven by twin or multiple vibrating motors. Our bespoke LA Gap Lok (vibrating screening machines) are robust and custom built to suit individual process requirements and mounting positions.

  • Designed for continuous use.
  • Driven by twin or multiple vibrating motors.
  • Custom built to individual requirements.
  • Horizontal, inclined and bespoke models.
On-site Demonstrations

LA Gap Lok Vibrating Screening Machines / Vibrating Rundown Screens on-site demonstration facilities are available along with the entire range of our Waste Water Screening Machines, each with interchangeable screen elements to determine the ideal separation of your materials.

Gap Technology Limited also provide structural steel work including platforms, handrailing and access ladders with a bespoke design, commissioning and installation service.

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Technical Drawings & Data

Technical Data / Drawings – Part 1
LA Gap Lok
Download PDF / 564Kb

Technical Data / Drawings – Part 2
LA Gap Lok
Download PDF / 993Kb

Vibrating Rundown Screening Machines

The vibrating rundown screen is easy to operate and we offer a wide range of solutions in relation to the customers individual requirements, slot size and the screen’s profiled wire. The size of the screen depends on the application and the required capacity, whereas the cleaning will depend on the size of the slot used. With a gravitational inflow, vibrating rundown screen are used for separation of solid particles from the liquid and used for applications requiring filtration below 0.25mm.

More information and details on our Vibrating Screening Machines are available upon request.

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