Gap Technology - Wedge Wire Manudacturers
Wedge Wire Screens - Gap Technology
Wedge Wire Screens – Gap Technology are industry leading Wedge Wire Manufacturers to separate, classify, distribute, retain and filter in industrial processes, bringing mechanical strength / durability to its many applications.

Wedge Wire is an efficient and economic solution.

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Industrial Screens, Sieves and Polyurethane Products
An extensive range of Stainless Steel / Mild Steel and Rubber perforated industrial screens and sieves for a variety of applications across all industrial sectors.

Includes: Woven Screens / Mesh / Perforated Materials / Sheets / Filters / Polyurethane / Rubber Screens / Metal Conveyor Belts.

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Waste Water Screening Machines / Gaparator
Waste Water Screening Machines provide efficient and economic methods of separating liquids / solids with non-blinding and self-cleaning properties.

Associated structural steel work – platforms, handrailing / access ladders, with design, commissioning and installation services.

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Stainless Steel Wedge Wire, Screens and Mesh for Architecture
Stainless Steel Wedge Wire, Screens and Mesh for Architecture.

Includes balustrades, staircases, facades, cladding, canopies, suspended ceilings, wall / floor feature panels, air conditioning / acoustic grilles, street furniture, water features and swimming pool overflow channel grating…

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Wedge Wire Screen Manufacturers

Wedge Wire Screens – Gap Technology Ltd are a leading U.K. Manufacturers of Bespoke Wedge Wire Screens and products, supplying Stainless Steel Welded and Looped Wedge Wire Products. We specialise in the design and production of bespoke wedge wire / wire mesh, industrial screens and sieves, rotary screens, waste water screening machines and grilles & architectural wedge wire products.

As a leading Wedge Wire Screens supplier, Gap Technology has a strong international and global network, supplying Bespoke Wedge Wire products to the UK domestic market and also export to Europe, North & South America, Africa and Asia.

Gap Technology’s dynamic approach and technical expertise in Wedge Wire Screens have led to us becoming the UK’s most prestigious Wedge Wire Manufacturers and specialists in the field of Wedge Wire Screening. We offer the widest range of Welded Wedge Wire and Looped Wedge Wire construction screen products. Our dedicated team of Manufacturers apply their skills and knowledge of wedge wire and wire mesh to focus best in design, technology and materials, from bespoke applications to high volume spares contracts.

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