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Wedge Wire industrial applications with varieties & options to partner many industrial processes


Wedge Wire offers an efficient and economic solution for the passing of liquids, air and fine particles, providing absolute confidence in the consistent recovery of suspended materials in many industrial applications.

It’s non-blinding and self cleaning characteristics are governed by the tapered profiled wires and leading edges that break down the surface tension to create high volume throughputs.

These high performance Wedge Wire screens, offering a vast percentage of open area with the resilience to withstand arduous conditions are manufactured with a continuous Slot Gap at stringent tolerances in a range of Stainless and Low Carbon Steel Profiles.

Rubber components, acid cleaning, chrome plating, installation, commissioning and associated steelworks are an integral part of our comprehensive service.


Our versatility enables us to provide a complete service offering skilled Stainless and Mild Steel fabrication to accommodate bespoke designs or retro fit solutions. Providing many screening solutions and applications including:

  • Paper, pulp, glass, plastics & rubber recycling.
  • Packaging.
  • Agricultural industries.
  • Radial Flow Process Screens.
  • Mill Screens.
  • Drainage Grilles.

Other typical wedge wire industrial application include: Radial Flow Process Screens, Mill Screens, Drainage Grilles and Architectural Applications.

Perforated Metal

We also manufacture a wide range of perforated stainless steel products and expanded metal screens for various usages in a variety of industrial applications. Our range of patterns includes, but is not limited to:

  • Round Hole Perforated Sheets & Screens.
  • Square Hole Perforated Sheets & Screens.
  • Slot Hole Perforated Sheets & Screens.
  • Hexagonal Perforated Sheets & Screens.
  • Bridge Hole Perforated Sheets & Screens.

Access full details and information in our dedicated section at: Perforated & Expanded Metal Screens


Associated documentation downloads for wedge wire industrial applications. To access all available downloads, please visit the Downloads Hub

Technical Data

Wedge Wire Profiles and Technical Data for the Wedge Wire SB Profile, Wedge Wire SBB HS Profile, Wedge Wire GB Profile and the Wedge Wire FB Profile. The uses and possibilities of using wedge wire are pretty much endless, with the advantages to the many different types of industry sectors being overwhelming.

Wedge Wire Profiles and Technical Information

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