Abattoir Installation at Sheffield

Abattoir Installation Sheffield

Gaparator Internal Rotary screen Abattoir Installation Sheffield, for treatment of meat processing abattoir waste water effluent.

Red meat processing results in the production of a range of solid wastes. Disposal of solid waste is often related with high costs, which gives abattoirs an incentive to reduce solid waste production.

Design & Manufacture

Gap Technology designed, manufactured and supplied the Gaparator Internal Rotary Screen for the treatment of meat processing abattoir waste water effluent. Our Internal Rotary Drum Screens operate with an internal wedge wire construction, woven wire or perforated drum.

These Rotary Screens are fully enclosed, mechanically driven screens, with an integrated wash system. They provide confined solids discharge, ideally suited for direct feeds into a compactor / compacting rotary screw system if further handling is required. This project required the removal of all suspended solids above 1.0mm. We upgraded the auto bearing greasers to maintain the effective treatment of waste.

Our Rotary Screens Internal (IRS) / Waste Water Screening Machine range can be installed as a stand alone system or as part of any treatment plant at the primary stage. Single or multiple Rotary Screen units are supplied for duty standby and duty assist situations.

Project summary

  • Designed for up to 50m3/hr.
  • Removal of all suspended solids above 1.0mm.
  • Upgraded auto bearing greasers.