Centrifuge Baskets & Conical Screens

Centrifuge filters and conical baskets are two essential pieces of equipment used in the field of industrial filtration. They play a crucial role in separating solids from liquids, and are commonly used in various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing.

Centrifuge Filters

Centrifuge Baskets

Centrifuge Filters

Centrifuge filters, also known as centrifugal filters, are devices that use centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids. They consist of a rotating drum or bowl that contains a filter medium, such as cloth or mesh, through which the liquid is forced.

The centrifugal force created by the rotation of the drum causes the solids to move towards the walls of the drum, while the liquid passes through the filter and is collected in a separate container. Vibrating centrifuge baskets, screen decks and static sieve bend are also highly versatile, with the ability to be customized to fit specific requirements. The size and shape can be tailored to suit different applications, making them suitable for a wide range of industries such as mining, food and beverage, water treatment, and oil and gas.

Centrifugal Basket benefits

The ability to handle large volumes of liquid in a relatively short amount of time. Furthermore, they offer excellent precision and accuracy in filtration and separation. The continuous looped wires provide a consistent and uniform gap, resulting in a more precise separation of particles. This is crucial in industries such as food and beverage, where the quality and purity of the end product are of utmost importance.

Ideal for use in industries where the production process involves a continuous flow of liquid, such as in the production of beverages or pharmaceuticals.

Highly efficient in removing fine particles from a liquid, making them a popular choice for industries that require a high level of purity in their products.

Typical applications

General screening and the separation / removal of fine particles from liquids for:

  • Food & Beverage.
  • Chemical, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical.
  • Coal, Coke and Potash.
  • Sugar, Salt, Starch and Calcium Carbonates.
  • Paints, Resins, Inks and Dyes.
  • Decanter Centrifuge Filters.

Conical Baskets & Screens

Centrifugal Basket

Conical Baskets & Screens

Conical baskets are used in conjunction with centrifuge filters to enhance screening performance. These baskets are designed to fit inside the rotating drum of a centrifuge filter and are used to hold the filter medium in place. They come in various sizes and materials, depending on the specific application and the type of solids being separated.

Conical Screen benefits

One of the key benefits of using conical baskets is their ability to increase the surface area of the filter medium. This allows for a larger amount of liquid to be filtered at a faster rate, making the overall filtration process more efficient.

Conical baskets also help to prevent clogging of the filter medium, as they distribute the solids evenly across the surface, reducing the risk of blockages.

In addition to the practical benefits, Centrifuge Baskets and Conical Centrifugal Filters offer economic advantages.

By effectively separating solids from liquids, they help to reduce the amount of waste produced by industrial processes. This not only saves on disposal costs but also promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility Furthermore, the use of centrifuge filters and conical baskets can also lead to cost savings in the long run. These devices are designed to be durable and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective investment for businesses.

Conical Filters and Centrifuge Baskets are crucial components in the field of industrial filtration.

Their ability to efficiently separate solids from liquids, increase productivity, and promote sustainability make them essential in various industries. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see further developments in these devices, making them even more efficient and cost-effective in the future.

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