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Wedge Wire Profiles and Technical Data for the Wedge Wire SB Profile, Wedge Wire SBB HS Profile, Wedge Wire GB Profile and the Wedge Wire FB Profile. The uses and possibilities of using wedge wire are pretty much endless, with the advantages to the many different types of industry sectors being overwhelming. Please find our overview of available wedge wire profiles, where you can select to view full information and technical specifications for each profile.

SB Wedge Wire Profiles Image
SB Wedge Wire Profiles

SB Wedge Wire profiles range is our most frequently used Wedge Wire profile type offering minimum resistance to passing liquids and fine particles to alleviate potential blinding.

SB Wedge Wire profile and technical data

SBB / HS Wedge Wire Profiles Image
SBB HS Wedge Wire Profiles

Similar to our SB Wedge Wire profiles range, SBB and HS Wedge Wire profile provide a larger body which is slightly parallel at the shoulder to restrict wear of the manufactured Slot Gap.

SBB HS Wedge Wire profile and technical data

GB Wedge Wire Profiles Image
GB Wedge Wire Profiles

Our range of GB Wedge Wire profiles offer an even taper similar to the Sb wires. This spectrum of wires have their own corresponding support rod profiles, including the facility of welding flat bars and round rods directly into the wedge wire profile.

GB Wedge Wire profile and technical data

FB Wedge Wire Profiles Image
FB Wedge Wire Profiles

Standard Looped profiles, from our FB Wedge Wire profile range, cater for most duties where a Looped Wedge Wire screen may prove beneficial in vibrating applications or traditional installations.

FB Wedge Wire profile and technical data

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