Water Treatment & Clarification

Successful water treatment, clarification and waste management compliance

Wedge Wire Water Treatment and Clarification


Effective and economic effluent treatment is the key element to successful, compliant waste management. We have developed a wealth of design and manufacturing experience to offer bespoke Wedge Wire solutions for water clarification, achieving high levels of suspended solids reduction for industrial and municipal applications.

Manufacturing a wide and versatile range of water treatment and clarification screen solutions with typical values for:

  • Well Screens.
  • Settling Tank Clarifier’s.
  • Sludge Screens.
  • Storm Over-flow Screens.

Wedge Wire Water Treatment and Clarification


Typical Wedge Wire applications for water treatment and clarification include, but are not limited to:

  • Hydro Screens.
  • Rainwater Harvest Screens.
  • Anaerobic Digestion.
  • Granular Activated Carbon.
  • Passive Water Intake Screens.
  • Raw Sewage Inlet Screens.
  • Compaction Cylinders.
  • Sea Water Intake Screens.
  • Storm Overflow Screens.
  • Intake Screens – in many different forms.

Wedge wire waste water screening

Waste Water Screening

Standard and bespoke waste water screening models form an integral part of any effluent treatment plant at the primary stage or operating as standalone equipment in process situations. A waste water screening machine solution to every possible application is achieved from the standard model range, however bespoke equipment caters for the more challenging and intricate conditions.

Static and mechanical systems are designed to reduce high levels of suspended solids with a contribution towards BOD reduction, assisting with waste water management compliance.

Access full details and production information in our dedicated section on: Waste Water Screening Machines


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Technical Data

Wedge Wire Profiles and Technical Data for the Wedge Wire SB Profile, Wedge Wire SBB HS Profile, Wedge Wire GB Profile and the Wedge Wire FB Profile. The uses and possibilities of using wedge wire are pretty much endless, with the advantages to the many different types of industry sectors being overwhelming.

Wedge Wire Profiles and Technical Information

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