Waste Water Screening Machines

Gap Technology Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of waste water screening machines and systems for industrial and municipal applications. Providing efficient and economic methods of liquids / solids separation and offers a high percentage of open area with non-blinding and self-cleaning properties.

Internal Rotary Waste Water Screening Machines

IRS. Internal Rotary Screens

Fully enclosed, mechanically driven screens with an integrated wash system to provide confined solids discharge Internal Rotary Screens

External Rotary Waste Water Screening Machines

ERS. External Rotary Screens

Designed to reduce flow velocity and ensure a uniform and controlled distribution of liquids and suspended solids Enternal Rotary Screens

Parabolic Rundown Screens

PRS. Parabolic Rundown Screens

Widely used in many processes and effluent conditions for the efficient separation of liquids & solids Parabolic Rundown Screens

Brush Rotary Waste Water Screening Machines

BRS. Brush Screens

Incorporating brush, rubber or plastic blades for the consistent removal of dewatered solids from the surface Brush Screens

Compacting Rotary Screw

CRS. Compacting Rotary Screw

Utilising a precision rotating screw system to convey solids through a highly efficient wedge wire filter chamber Compacting Rotary Screw

Vibrating Screening Machines

Vibrating Screening Machines

Designed for continuous de-watering operations and driven by twin or multiple vibrating motors Vibrating Screening Machines

Rotary Drum Screens

RDS. Rotary Drum Screens

Used for the mechanical separation of liquids from solid particles in industrial waste water screening Rotary Drum Screens

V Range Vibrating Waste Water Screening Machines

V Range Vibrating Screens

Vibrating screening separators specifically designed for fine solid and liquid separation applications V Range Vibrating Screens

Access Platforms and Lifts

Access Platforms

Bespoke structural steelwork including handrails, chutes, hoppers and access platforms / ladders Access Platforms

Standard & Bespoke
Waste Water Screening Models

Forming an integral part of any effluent treatment plant at the primary stage or operating as standalone equipment in process situations, a waste water screening machines solution to every possible application is achieved from the standard model range, however bespoke equipment caters for the more challenging and intricate conditions. Waste Water Screening Machines from Gap Technology include: Internal Rotary Screens (IRS), External Rotary Screens (ERS), Parabolic Rundown Screens (and Trommel Screens), Brush Screens, Compacting Rotary Screws, Rotary Drum Screens, Vibrating Screening Machines (Gaparator LA Gap Lok) along with Access Platforms.

Static and Mechanical Systems are designed to reduce high levels of suspended solids with a contribution towards BOD reduction, assisting with waste water management compliance.

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