Brush Screens

Brush Screens BRS

Brush Screens – brush, rubber or plastic blade arrangements for the consistent removal of dewatered solids


Brush Screens otherwise known as Brush Rotary Screens (BRS) are mechanically driven brush screens system with a multi paddle rotating axle.

These Brush Screens can incorporate a brush, rubber or plastic blade arrangement for the consistent removal of dewatered solids from the wedge wire or perforated plate screen surface. Our Brush Screens are the ideal choice.

Brush Screens are available in a range of sizes to accommodate most industrial or municipal applications.

Wedge Wire profiles and technical data.

Features & Benefits
  • Mechanically driven brush rotary screen system.
  • Multi paddle rotating axle.
  • Brush, rubber or plastic blade arrangements.
  • Consistent removal of surface dewatered solids.
  • Range of sizes to accommodate most industrial or municipal applications.
On-site Demonstrations

Brush Screens / Brush Rotary Screens (BRS) on-site demonstration facilities are available along with the entire range of our Waste Water Screening Machines, each with interchangeable screen elements to determine the ideal separation of your materials.

Gap Technology Limited also provide structural steel work including platforms, handrailing and access ladders with a bespoke design, commissioning and installation service.

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Technical Information & Specifications

Media: Liquids Grey Water, Industrial Effluents, Process Water, Sewage & Storm Water
Media: Solids TSS Reduction, Industrial and Municipal Process Screenings
Screen Types Wedge Wire or Perforated D-Screen with Rotating Brush Wiper
Materials Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel (304) and Stainless Steel (316)
Features No Wash Water Facility
Maximum aperture size (mm) 3
Minimum aperture size 0.25

BRS Brush Screens diagram

BRS Brush Screens diagram

FLOW CAPABILITIES (per screen width)

Figures are based on average throughputs and conditions. For specific applications please contact technical sales

SLOT GAP (mm) BRS 500 BRS 1000 BRS 1250 BRS 2000
gpm / ft m3 / hr / m gpm / ft m3 / hr / m gpm / ft m3 / hr / m gpm / ft m3 / hr / m
0.25 6.0 5.50 10.25 9.50 12.0 11.25 15.50 14.20
0.50 11.0 10.0 18.25 16.50 25.0 22.50 31.25 28.5
3.00 78.0 72.0 130.0 120.0 166.0 153.0 206.0 192.0

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