Rotary Drum Screens

Rotary Drum Screens

Mechanically separate liquids from solid particles in industrial waste water screening applications


Rotary Drum Screens and Trommel Screens are produced to work uninterruptedly in order to maintain higher efficiency and productivity levels, whilst also minimising energy consumption. This ensures the benefits of installing Rotary Drums Screens for your waste water screening needs a definite must.

Bespoke Rotary Drum Screens can be produced to suit the needs of each individual site and the nature of the suspended solids. The support rods and each intersection of wedge wire is welded for extra strength and durability giving added benefit for a variety of applications in the water and waste water screening industry & process applications.

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Features & Benefits

Specifically designed to self clean, with wedge wire tubes supporting and reinforcing the structure, Rotary Drum Screens and Trommel Screens mechanically separate liquids from solid particles.

  • Mechanically separate liquids from solid particles.
  • Self cleaning.
  • Work uninterruptedly for higher efficiency & productivity.
  • Welded support rods for extra strength / durability.
  • Bespoke options to suit individual requirements/
On-site Demonstrations

Rotary Drum Screens, Wedge Wire Rotary Screens / Trommel Screens on-site demonstration facilities are available along with the entire range of our Waste Water Screening Machines, each with interchangeable screen elements to determine the ideal separation of your materials.

Gap Technology Limited also provide structural steel work including platforms, handrailing and access ladders with a bespoke design, commissioning and installation service.

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Rotary Drum Screens

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