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Gaparator IRS 900 x 2000 screening machine for Gressingham Ducks

Gaparator IRS 900 x 2000 screening machine for Gressingham Ducks

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Gaparator IRS 900 x 2000 screening machine for Gressingham Ducks

Gap Technology were asked to supply a new screen for Gressingham Ducks who were having major issues with their previous screen which was causing blockages and issues meeting the industrial waste water requirements.

Blockages and difficulties meeting industrial wastewater requirements due to high fat content and feathers, are common challenges in industries like food processing, poultry processing, and rendering plants. These issues can arise due to the nature of the materials being processed and the limitations of the equipment used.

We supplied and installed a Gaparator IRS 900 x 2000 screening machine which solved all the issues the site was experiencing. Upgrading to a more advanced screening technology that is specifically designed to handle materials with high fat content and feathers helped reduce blockages and improve efficiency. All Gaparator IRS screening machines are built with self-cleaning mechanisms and bespoke mesh sizes to be more effective at separating solids and preventing build up.

Benefits of the Gaparator IRS 900 x 2000

  • Confined solids discharge in numerous configurations.
  • Ideal for direct feeds into a compactor.
  • Stand alone system installations.
  • Option to install as part of any treatment plant.
  • Tailored to suit bespoke requirements.
  • Supplied complete, with removable covers & safety switches.
  • Isolator stop/start control panels.
  • Incorporated overflow facilities with level sensors.

Ensuring the quality of wastewater discharges contributes to the long-term sustainability of industrial operations and surrounding communities. By managing wastewater effectively, industries can minimize their environmental impact, preserve natural resources, and support the well-being of ecosystems and society as a whole.

Overall, meeting industrial wastewater requirements is essential for safeguarding the environment, protecting public health, complying with regulations, fulfilling legal obligations, conserving resources, promoting corporate responsibility, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of industrial activities.

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