Raglan wedge wire fine screens replacement gallery

Replacement of wedge wire fine screens at Raglan Wastewater Treatment Works

Raglan Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) is a significant project aimed at improving the treatment process and reducing the discharge of phosphorus into the local water course. Here are some key points to consider for the replacement project:

Screen Specifications: Ensure that the replacement wedge wire fine screens meet the required specifications for effectively capturing and removing particles, including phosphorus, from the wastewater. This involved considering factors such as screen aperture size, material construction, and durability.

We were asked to design, manufacture, supply, install and commission new replacement wedge wire fine screens for the Raglan WWTW scheme
Installation Planning: Developed a comprehensive installation plan that outlined the sequence of activities, equipment requirements, and safety protocols for removing the existing screens and installing the replacements. Coordinated closely with onsite personnel and contractors to minimize downtime and disruptions to wastewater treatment operations.

Commissioning and Testing: Following installation, conducted thorough commissioning and testing of the replacement screens to ensure they were functioning as intended. Monitored performance metrics such as flow rates, solids removal efficiency, and phosphorus concentrations to verify compliance with regulatory requirements and treatment objectives.

Environmental Compliance: By carefully planning and executing the replacement of wedge wire fine screens at the Raglan WWTW, the treatment process was enhanced, improving effluent quality, and contributing to the overall sustainability of the wastewater treatment facility and the surrounding environment through the reduction of the levels of phosphorus being discharged to the local water course via the treatment works final effluent. This is to conform to the latest phosphorus discharge consents being introduce.

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