Perforated Screens

Perforated Screens, Expanded Metal Sheets for a variety of uses, Screens and Sieves Applications

Perforated Screens are produced from metal plates or metal sheet rolls which are perforated on high-pressure punch presses by means of special tools. The type of tool is selected according to the required perforation method. The holes are on the perforated screens are usually laser cut in case of metal plates thicker than 10mm.

Perforated Screens

Perforated Screens Application include:
Sugar processing, germination and kiln floors (malting panels), recycling and waste water.

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Our range of patterns include:

Round Hole Perforated Screens / Sheets:

  • Building Industry
  • Recycling Industry (bulk material sorting)
  • Agriculture Industry (sorting and grading of seeds)
  • Architectural Applications – Facades, Cladding

Square Hole Perforated Screens / Sheets:

  • Balconies and Balustrades
  • Safety Guards for the Building Industry
  • IT Industry – Ventilation covers for computer and server chassis

Slot Hole Perforated Screens / Sheets:

  • Malting, Breweries and Wineries
  • Farming Machinery
  • Recycling Industry
  • Food Processing Industry

Hexagonal Perforated Screens / Sheets:

  • Automotive Industry – Car Mesh Grilles
  • Information Technology Industry
  • Architectural Applications

Bridge Hole Perforated Screens / Sheets:

  • Agricultural Industry (grain drying)
  • Geological Industry (drilling, shaft sinking)

Gap Technology produce an extensive range of stainless steel and mild steel perforated screens finished products for a variety of applications across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors. For more information on Perforated Screens please contact us.

Expanded Metal Sheets

Production of Expanded Metal Sheets: Expanded Metal Sheets are produced in the following way – the row of mesh is cut into a roll or sheet and then the material is expanded. This procedure is repeated until the product gets its final shape.

Applications for Expanded Metal Sheets include:
Decorative and Safety Covers, Architectural Elements, Bulkhead, Fillers, Grids and Reinforcers, Staircases, Grates, Acoustical Insulation.

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Expanded Material Sheets are produced in this way has a slightly crimped surface as the material, whilst being drawn, turns slightly vertically, that is why subsequently it is possible to press expanded metal in order to get an even surface.

Gap Technology have a comprehensive selection of materials and patterns of Expanded Metal Sheets. in standard specifications, or alternatively, we can produce bespoke Expanded Metal Sheets products and Perforated Screens to cater for individual requirements. The wide range of products and industries catered for ensures we remain focused on our customers needs.

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