Rotary Screens External

Rotary Screens External (Gaparator ERS) or External Rotary Drum Screens for Waste Water Screening applications

Rotary Screens External (otherwise known as External Rotary Drum Screens) are a range of Waste Water Screening Machines that operate with a pumped or gravity feed entering the inlet launder, which is designed to reduce the flow velocity and ensure a uniform and controlled distribution of liquids and suspended solids.

This is presented to a circumferentially wound external wedge wire drum, with dewatering taking place immediately on contact with the carefully selected Slot Gap screen cylinder.

Rotary Screens External

Suspended solids on rotation by the External Rotary Screens are efficiently removed by a spring loaded doctor blade, whilst the screened liquid passes through the cylinder and performs a systematic backwash of the screen opening on its exit to the outlet chamber.

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An integral wash facility is provided with Rotary Screens to intermittently flush the screen, providing maximum open area at all times, affording high capacity throughputs with the ability to separate fine and hostile particles. Rotary Screens External Machine widths range from 300mm to 3000mm and diameters from 410mm to 920mm.

On-site demonstration facilities are available for our Rotary Screens and the entire Gaparator range of waste water screening machines, with interchangeable screen elements to determine the ideal separation. Gap Technology Limited also provide structural steel work including platforms, handrailing and access ladders with a bespoke design, commissioning and installation service.

Rotary Screens External / technical information

Types Modular
Media: Liquids Grey Water, Industrial Effluents, Process Water, Sewage & Storm Water
Media: Solids TSS Reduction, Industrial and Municipal Process Screenings
Screen Types Rotating screens, Coarse and Fine Separation
Materials Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel (304) and Stainless Steel (316)
Features Self cleaning, Mechanical Spring Loaded Scraper
Maximum aperture size (mm) 2.5
Minimum aperture size 0.25
Figures are based on average throughputs and conditions. For specific applications please contact technical sales
MODEL SLOT GAP (mm) Unladen Weights
0.25 0.50 0.75 1.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 Nominal
ERS 300 18 40 55 70 90 100 110 146
ERS 500 25 55 75 100 125 127 130 170
ERS 750 40 90 125 130 143 159 172 200
ERS 1000 54 120 130 149 165 174 188 230
ERS 1250 68 130 150 168 175 190 206 260
ERS 1500 81 152 170 181 195 210 223 290
ERS 2000 108 157 184 198 215 225 236 330
ERS 3000 120 179 205 224 232 255 295 380
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