Rubber Screens

Rubber Screens and Rubber Sieves for a variety of uses and applications

Rubber Screens – with the advancement of modern technology and availability of high quality rubber compounds, we are able to produce a large variety of Rubber Screens in many thickness measurements, bridge wideness and opening placements depending on the rubber screens usage and requirements.

Rubber Screens - Gap Technology Ltd

Tension Screens with cord reinforcement: An alternative to Polyurethane screens, high resistance Rubber Screens are characterised by their resistance to abrasion and corrosion. These Tension Screens are produced as perforated rubber mats with the possibility of lateral and longitudinal tension, they can be easily substituted with wire screens without having to change the machine underside construction.

Rubber Screens with steel frame and cord reinforcement: Mounted using side rubber bars they can pose as a self–supporting deck, suitable for tougher work conditions, mainly for big fractions classification.

Rubber Screens with steel frame: These are made of angle bar and steel rods and can also pose as a self–supporting deck, used mainly for pre-screening in tough conditions. These screens are mounted using side rubber rods.

Rubber Screens can be tailored to suit a large variety of industrial applications, meeting the needs of our client and customer requirements. Please see our Rubber Screens image gallery below – and for more information on these or any of our industrial screens and sieves products / ranges, please contact Gap Technology Limited in the first instance.


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