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Coanda Screens from Gap Technology – precision manufactured water treatment screens

Coanda Gap is Gap Technology’s range of precision manufactured water treatment coanda screens, exploiting the Coanda effect in combination with the proven separation technology of our wedge wire. Coanda Screens are a self-cleaning screen with no moving parts that has been successfully used for debris and fish exclusion in a wide range of applications across the world including hydropower plant intakes, water conservation schemes and irrigation programs.

coanda screens

Key benefits of Coanda Screens include:

  • A reliable supply of screened water which increases hydro plant operating time, output and efficiency
  • Self-cleaning properties result in a largely maintenance free operation saving time and associated costs
  • Slot gap sizes can be specified to screen debris from diameters as fine as 0.2mm up to a width of 2mm
  • No mechanical moving parts eliminates the need for costly maintenance and a power supply
  • Coanda Gap’s modular construction ensures ease of assembly
  • Highly resilient screen construction is resistant to abrasive material and corrosion
  • Proven operational performance even at low temperatures in some of the world’s coldest environments without freezing
  • Trusted in fisheries conservation areas not to cause harm to fish stocks


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Coanda Screen Technology

Coanda Screens are positioned on the downstream face of an intake weir. An ogee shaped acceleration plate delivers the flow at the precise angle and velocity required by the separation area of the screen. The Coanda effect promotes consistent contact with the screen surface. Wedge Wire placed at precise and consistent slot gap tolerance screens away debris and particles. The screened water flowing through the open area collects in a chamber beneath to be distributed to associated pipelines. The specified tilt angle of the wedge wire has an additional shearing effect increasing throughput.


Precision Engineering and Fabrication

Coanda Screens can be produced in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. The uniformity and precision slot gap of the screening area ensures high capacity throughputs and accurate removal of debris. Gap Technology wedge wire screens are utilised and trusted by clients in over forty countries worldwide.

Each Coanda Screen can be produced to bespoke dimensions and specifications with optional slot gap widths, wire profiles and inclinations to maximise performance.


Comprehensive service

Our team can advise and assist with…

  • Screen selection and bespoke design
  • Turnkey installations
  • Retrofit and replacement screen solutions

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